Animal Park

BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort has built its very own Animal Park with a collection of kid friendly animals for children to visit and grow to know. With 3.5 acres of park space to roam, visitors will have a wonderful time getting up close and personal with baby calf, sheep, lambs, ducks, chickens and more.

    Aligning with the resort’s concept of encouraging outdoor fun, BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort is the only holiday park with an onsite Animal Park in North Queensland. Kids and their parents have enjoyed this experience immensely, some coming back every day to enjoy the company of our sweet menagerie.

    Visiting the Animal Park and helping to feed the animals is a free activity for in-house guests. Pet the animals, remember their names and learn how farm animals grow and live.  The animals are very friendly and look forward to pats and cuddles from our in house guests.

    Animal Park Feeding Times

    Check with reception or the Activities Guide for feeding times during your stay as days do vary.

    Animal Park Whitsundays

    Animal Park Fun, Fun, Fun

    Our Animal Park is a huge hit with the family. Full of gorgeous, friendly animals like baby cows, goats, ducks, chickens and more…. you may be able to join in feeding time and get up close and personal with our furry friends!

    Animal Park video

    Animal Park Whitsundays