Accessible Accommodation Award

Accessible Accommodation
BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday is proudly Accessible Accommodation Qualified, meeting Accessible Accommodation standards for the Assisted Wheelchair User Category.
Following is a summary of the resort’s accessible accommodation features:
All common areas in the resort are accessible via wheelchair. There are also accessible amenity rooms and camp kitchens for campers and over 15 on-site activities, with many of these being wheelchair-accessible such as the outdoor cinema, animal park, kid’s club and much much more.
Our Autism Friendly Sensory Room, ‘The Reilly Room’ has all the features you would expect to find in an autism specific educational setting, catering for children on the autism spectrum and their families by offering a special holiday retreat.  Features in ‘The Reilly Room’ include a large free-standing hammock which can be used to rock a toddler or for a full-sized adult to rock themselves and is large enough to wrap around a child like a safe cocoon or ‘hidey hole’. There is also a large crash mat and weighted blankets/cushions for those particular children who are soothed by pressure. A lamp projects lovely blue ocean waves on the ceiling and a music player provides calming music to soothe the rawest of nerves. There is a collection of cushions providing a variety of tactile experiences, such as vibrating, fluffy and sequinned cushions. There is a ‘Bilbo’ to rock or spin a child in, a peanut-shaped gym ball to bounce on and a large timer clock to help them ‘finish’. The room also has a sensory toy box full of motivating toys to fascinate and calm children. Other activities include kinetic sand, play dough, colouring and drawing.