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Kids Birthday Party Ideas

It’s our 21st birthday this year at BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort, and we’ve been researching party ideas, so we thought we’d share them with you! There are so many amazing, creative, fun ideas out there for kids birthday parties and we’ve had a ball collecting some of our favourite ideas for our own birthday.

We’ve created a new Pinterest board full of kids birthday party ideas just for you. It’s full of food ideas, cakes, party games, decoration and more for kids and adults. Here are some of our favourites:

Monster eyeball straws

monster straws for party drinksHow to get the kids to drink something healthy? Stick a monster eyeball drinking straw in it, of course!

All you need is:

– Straws, any kind will do but the paper stripey ones do look particularly monstrous
– Royal icing (you can buy this from the supermarket, try Orchard White Icing)
– Black edible marker
– Strong frosting

How to make these monster eyeball straws

Roll small balls of White Icing and draw a dot with a black edible marker (available from good baking stores). When the black dot has dried, make the eyeball stick to the straw with a little dab of stiff icing. To make a good icing that will set hard, whip an egg white until stiff peaks form. Then gradually sift in 1- 2 cups of icing mixture, in small amounts, whipping after each addition. Continue whipping into firm peaks)

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Backyard Twister

backyard twisterFun for kids and adults alike, you can create a Twister game board on your own lawn, using only a handful of easy to get supplies.

All you need is:

– a flat area of lawn, with plenty of spectator space around it
– a cardboard box and stanley knife or scissors
– 4 cans of spray paint – red, green, yellow and blue
– measuring tape
– 8 pieces of paper and 2 bags

How to make backyard twister come to life at your house

Use a dinner plate to mark a circle on one side of a sturdy box. Cut out the circle using a stanley knife or scissors. Use a measuring tape and one of the paint colours to mark out 4 equal rows and place a tiny spot to mark each of the 6 dots in each row.

Turn the box upside down, so you are holding the spray can inside the box, line up each dot in the centre, and spray four neat rows of 6 dots in each colour. using a box instead of a flat sheet of cardboard helps to contain the splatter and give you nice crisp circles without any errant spray paint escaping.

On one sheet of paper each, write the colours and left hand, right hand, left foot, and right foot. Place the colours in one bag and the body parts in the second bag. Draw one colour and one body part out at a time, and place that body part on a circle of that colour.

Minecraft party ideas

minecraft monster creeper face doorMinecraft seems to be all the rage at the moment, and a popular theme for both dress ups and decorations. Thankfully, there’s quite a lot that is pretty easy to make, and you can get the kids involved. This door is an example of just how easy, yet effective, it can be.

All you need is:

– a cheap green plastic tablecloth
– sticky tape
– a black permanent marker or black paint

How to make a minecraft door

Stick the green tablecloth to the door with the sticky tape. Draw or paint on the ‘creeper’ face. Done.

We’ve got several more Minecraft party ideas on our Pinterest board.

‘Frozen’ themed birthday cakes

Frozen birthday party cake ideasLet it go… let it go… no we can’t seem to be able to let Frozen go! Frozen is still the number one birthday party choice for many young ones these days, and we’ve found this stunning series of 15 Frozen themed cakes.

From extravagant ice castles, ruffles, sparkles, Snowdrifts and more. There are cakes featuring Elsa and Anna, Sven and Olaf, and more.

We’ve got more Frozen birthday party ideas on our Pinterest board.

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