Our Difference

Whitsunday holiday destination with a difference. Paradise found.

It’s hard to pinpoint just one thing that makes us different and your Whitsunday holiday the best ever; it’s really the whole kit and caboodle. Our resort is so much more than just accommodation in Airlie Beach. From our expansive tropical gardens and pool to the enormous smiles on the faces of our staff. It’s our accommodation décor (by our clever interior designer) as well as our huge ‘all-you-can-eat’ serving of fun activities. Oh yes, here at BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort we take fun very, very seriously.

Perhaps there is one factor that makes us very different – our Care Factor, which officially registers off the dial. Because we’re only ever happy when we’ve made your Whitsunday holiday the best holiday you’ve ever had.

Resized Mum

Mum gets a Whitsunday holiday too

As a family-run business with lots of mums on staff, we’ve thought of everything so you have just as many opportunities for time out as the rest of your family. We started by creating a kids paradise where they’ll be so enchanted, entertained and happy, they won’t even notice that you’ve snuck off for a poolside massage, a relaxing spa or a hit of tennis. Ready for quality time out with no guilt attached?

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Resized Kids

Kids can be kids

It’s time for you to re-discover the two best words heard on a family holiday – happy kids. In our enchanting tropical playground kids are free to roam, explore and play all day, safely contained within the resort’s 26 acres. And what’s even better than not hearing “I’m bored”? Knowing they’re having the kind of holiday you loved as a kid – endless fun, loads of new friends and being completely worn out by the end of the day, collapsing in delicious, sun-kissed exhaustion.

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Resized Resort

Your island resort holiday – better in Airlie Beach

A holiday at BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort gives you the best of both worlds. Everything you love about a Whitsunday island resort – the obligatory huge pool, gorgeous tropical gardens and non-stop fun – but with all the convenience and extra options that comes from being on the mainland … so close to restaurants, shopping and the freedom of exploring by car.

Resized Paradise

Our garden paradise

Garden is a bit of an understatement – perhaps Botanic Park is more apt. Ours are nurtured with pride and care under the guidance of our head gardener whose life bursts with tropical passion. Our nursery is alive with his lovingly hand-reared beauties waiting their turn to add their brilliance to our incredible oasis filled with rainforest trees, flowering shrubs (including rare gingers and heliconias), and over 120 varieties of palms. Immerse yourself by taking a look through our Gallery.

Resized Vibe

The vibe you won’t find at an Airlie Beach apartment or hotel

It’s hard to describe how BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort feels. Our ‘rare’ atmosphere is made up of lots of elements; the contagious laughter of holiday-happy people, colours exploding from every corner of every garden, warm tropical air that wraps around you, sounds of delighted children, the magic of meeting new friends, and open space that beckons discovery. You simply won’t find anything like it anywhere.

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Customer service? We let our guests speak for us.

Every Tom, *** and Harry says their customer service is excellent, but we prefer our guests speak for us. Which is why we’re proud to rate so highly on Trip Advisor, and why we continually conduct our own customer surveys (to ensure we’re on the ball and doing everything right) where we consistently rate between 9 and 9.5 out of 10.

Resized BIG4

BIG4 means BIG value for money

As a member of the prestigious BIG4 Holiday Parks of Australia it means amazing peace of mind, as world-class standards and value for money are absolutely guaranteed. And as a BIG4 member, you’ll also get discounts on your accommodation, selected tours and restaurants in the Whitsundays.

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Resized Clean

Our reputation is squeaky clean

We know cleanliness is the No.1 must-have on everyone’s list. So we’ve put together a housekeeping team that is an elite, crack squad of clean machines. These dedicated people take huge pride in achieving the very highest pitch of squeaky clean throughout the resort. Our current guest satisfaction survey rates our cleanliness as 9.5/10. And they’re not going to be satisfied until they reach that perfect number 10.

Resized Family

Think of us as family

Having been owned and operated by the McKinnon family for over 18 years it’s only natural that everything we do revolves around family. It’s what makes our place extra special. Many of our guests say they can ‘feel’ it as soon as they pass through our gates. It’s that feeling of warmth and caring from our infectiously friendly staff, our impeccably maintained facilities plus our intense focus on all the little things that make such a big difference to your holiday.

Adventure Whitsunday Our Dream Team1

Our Dream Team

We consider our staff to be part of our family. So we take our time to select the perfect people who have the right attitude, a great sense of fun and a very infectious spirit. These people have exceptional local knowledge and are on a mission to ensure you have an amazing holiday with memories that will last forever. And they smile all day long – not because they have to, but because they genuinely enjoy their job. We all love what we do and it shows.

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Resized Support

Supporting those in need

While we’re one big happy family here at BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort, there are those in our community who aren’t as lucky. So we organise special events to raise money for those who need a hand. We’ve raised over $94,000 to date which has been used to help local children with illnesses, charities and families who are doing it tough.