From alpha amphibian to a frost free life in paradise

Well G’day and a warm moist sticky Green Tree Frog welcome from me, Gav Adventure, the founding frog funster of the BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort.

Gavin Adventure arrives in paradiseSince this is my first frog blog, perhaps a little humble introduction to me, the most famous frog in Far North Queensland…

Unlike most Green Tree Frogs, I come from Melbourne. Yes if you know your frogs, you know we aren’t found in Victoria. But somehow there I was, flashy, successful and the alpha amphibian in the frog-eat-frog corporate world. Then one day I was eating my cockroach sushi on the hop at lunchtime when I spotted the Queensland travel poster with the most gorgeous beach I’d ever seen and the caption: ”Beautiful one day, perfect the next.”

It hit me so hard I almost croaked. Sure I was top frog, BUT I was an imposter in a fancy suit, driving a fancy car, eating fancy food, wooing high maintenance fancy frogettes. I needed to find where I really belonged, where I could make a living surrounded by lush gardens, fun, chilled-out people on holidays and a forest full of cute frogettes!

Well that was many years ago. And I did find my paradise here at Airlie Beach in the beautiful Whitsundays. (The forest of cuties has proved to be more elusive but I’m working on that). Now I own and run the resort just crowned the best in Australia, the BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort. Named after humble old me of course!

We have the largest resort poo on the mainland at Airlie BeachlMy journey has proven I am a ridgy-didge amphibian (which is Greek for double life). But my double life didn’t involve that tedious tadpole bit – my two lives were Melbourne and now, here in paradise where I no longer feel like a frog out of water. Quite the contrary actually as my place has the biggest lagoon style pool in Airlie Beach. Yeah baby!

Over the years I worked hard to created a resort that makes people happy every hour of their waking day. I tried hard at night too, but when I put on my best ‘all singing, all brawking’ show I got a rousing reaction; “Will you SHUT UP!” Sheeesh, I’m only trying to make the night-time ambience a little more exotic. You just can’t please some people.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. It’s just a taste of my blog where I’ll tell you more about life and all our adventures here in paradise, where the welcome mat is always out – specially to you poor souls in the southern states. We’ve got a whole new meaning of chilled-out up here!

Gotta hop.

Gav Adventure, Paradise