My case for the Easter Frog

So the story of the Easter Bunny, an egg-laying hare (what the?) started in the 1700s when Europeans told their kids that the Easter Hare would judge whether they were good or bad and only the good ones would get gifts of coloured eggs at the start of the season of Eastertide.

Easter bunny in Gavin's handSo the big star of Easter is a judgmental bunny that lays eggs. Crazy.

But there’s more craziness… those Europeans brought their Easter Bunny to Australia, unfortunately along with real rabbits since there were no rabbits in Australia. Being a fertile lot, they soon got out of control and became utter pests, damaging crops and killing native animals. Not one of our greatest imports.

Now they say revenge is sweet. And it came in the 1990s in the shape of a bilby. Nicholas Newland from the ‘Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia’ invented the Easter Bilby to remind us all of the environmental damage that feral rabbits cause. So the campaign to replace the Easter Bunny with true native wildlife began. And it’s taken off too. That’s fantastic – but here’s my case.

Why not the Easter frog? We’re cute, (ok in a very moist, sticky sort of way), we’re cool, we’re smart because we let people know when the environment is in good shape. And yes, we’re the real deal, like Father Christmas. Not like some crazy, egg-laying, judgmental furry mythical creature. And hello, yes we frogs lay eggs – by the thousands. So kids, Easter eggs will never be in short supply.

Chocolate frogs are already soooo popular. They’re good enough for Harry Potter and there are many a Haighs choccie frog addict here at BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort. Of course, let’s not forget old Freddo Frog too. He’s a legend.

So I say – Bunnies be gone!  Bilbies are great – BUT bring on the Easter Frog.Yaaay.

Easter at BIG Adventure Whitsunday Resort is always a hoot. I’m looking forward to the Easter Egg Hunt in the morning, then making my Easter hat with all the other guests. I’m thinking of an understated little number made up of a big lily pad at a jaunty angle and perhaps a feather or two if I can convince some of the local birds to donate some tail feathers. Then the Easter Hat parade. Ohhh I do hope my creation gets a mention, because I’m practicing for Fashions on the Field for next year’s Melbourne Cup celebrations up here in paradise.

Have a great Easter everyone, we’ll certainly be having a ball up here. And when I need a bit of a break from all that fun, I’ll be chillin’ at the Fat Frog Beach Café a short hop down the road in Cannonvale, (and yes, absolutely this funky place was named after moi! See, I am famous you know).

The one and only famous Easter Frog

Spend Easter at BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort with the family for heaps of fun