Gav’s favourite water based Whitsunday tours

Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays

Working here in my paradise can be a tough job. Like exploring the best Whitsundays tours for our customers. As always, I’ve applied myself wholeheartedly and here they are…

Quick frog biology lesson no 1: Rainforest frogs’ pads of sticky hairs on our fingers and toes and loose sticky skin on our bellies makes us great climbers. But moi, the Rock Star Frog? I can climb the highest. Yep I’ve been sky-high on Air Whitsunday’s sea plane trips to the reef. What a way to see the Great Barrier Reef and because frogs’ eyes bulge out the sides of our heads, we see in nearly every direction. Awesome!

Want to explore the Great Barrier Reef at sea level? Cruise Whitsundays will get you there onboard their high-speed vessels. Snorkelling of course is a must do. Except for moi! The first time I jumped in my skin started absorbing the salt water and well, let’s just say I had a lot of attention from the lovely first aid lady onboard and it took months for my skin to get back to ‘slippery-little-sucker’ condition. Now I hop aboard the semi-submersible to see the coral and fish the dry way – cos they haven’t yet invented wet suits for frogs – dammit.

And if you want the ultimate bragging rights, then ‘Reef Sleep’. After the day-trippers head home, you’re left in peace to watch the sun set and the underwater world really come alive. Do a night dive – amazing! Then sleep in a swag under the stars or in your own private bedroom. (Question for the universe: if a frog farts in his swag on the Great Barrier Reef at midnight, and nobody hears it, did it actually happen?)

Next on anyone’s sand bucket list is Whitehaven Beach, seven kilometres of gorgeous white sand and warm turquoise waters. And a great way to go is on one of Ocean Rafting’s semi-rigid inflatable vessels, powered by 500hp engines. Whoohoo what a rush!

Beautiful Hill Inlet on Whitehaven Beach in the WhitsundaysYou get to stop at the unbelievable Hill Inlet Lookout. And if you’re lucky on the walk to the inlet over the hill, you’ll be able to see some green ants crawling up some trees. Here’s another must do… (and I’ll start by telling you I am not kidding). Gently pluck the ant from the tree and turn it round so that it’s bum is facing you, then lick its bum. This is my classic bush tucker ‘flavour bomb’ experience of all time. Amazing. I won’t reveal the flavour, I’ll let you discover it yourself. It’s delicious.

Once at Hill Inlet Lookout you will be equally amazed at the sensory explosion of incredible scenery before you. Spectacular Whitehaven Beach sparkles before you and below you (hopefully, as I found) hundreds of sting rays wallowing in the shallows.

After all this sensory exhaustion, you just have to nourish your taste buds again with a delectable lunch on Whitehaven Beach. The trip back is also a blast – when the Ocean Rafting boats join up in a drag race home. Way too much fun.

Frogs LOVE Jetskiing in the Whitsundays and you will too!Like Jet Skiing? Whitsunday Jetski Tours have the latest Sea-Doo 3 seater jet skis and I must say, a frog driving a jet ski is a good look! Take a 1.5 hr guided tour (around 30kms) exploring Pioneer Bay and Airlie Beach or a 4 hr tour to Daydream Island with a full resort pass for 2 hours plus more. Depending on which tour and time of year it is, you could see sea turtles, dugongs, sea birds and even whales. (No frogs though, not unless I’m on board.)

You could also see these wonderful creatures with Whitsunday Stand Up Paddle in the calm waters of Shingley Beach. You’ll learn all about this newest water way to go!

Gavin Adventure, frog mascot of BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort in Airlie BeachGavin Adventure from BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort
Happy touring our beautiful Whitsundays.

Gav Adventure,
Purveyor of Paradise